Death is cruel and rude!

I have never had to think deeply about death until I lost my father in April, my first experience of losing someone dear to me. We joked on Friday night, said our goodnights, a few hours later, he was in a bad state that only got worse with the ticking of the clock, and by the evening of Saturday, he was lifeless. This was when I had an understanding of what death is.

Death is cruel and rude!

I can't help but wonder sometimes why people say 'Death is Peace' because how do you call something that suddenly disrupts people's life peace. It most times gives no choice neither does it need permission, barges in without courtesy, snatches what it wants and leaves not minding the vacuum that is being created, which most times can never be filled.

A thief that never returns what is stolen neither does it ever get satisfied, it plucks both the ripe and the unripe, it destroys dreams and aspirations, merciless judgment without an appeal. How can it be so brutish? plunges you into deep sadness, redirects the course of your life, forces you to adopt a new reality and the only comfort provided is the thought of meeting again in the world beyond.

The sad reality is that it's going to come for us all, but when?

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